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How PorchPlus Streamlines Property Management with PipeOps

PorchPlus, a property management platform based in Lagos, Nigeria, was born out of the frustrations faced by one of its co-founders in dealing with unreliable rental payments and limited financial visibility in the real estate sector. Their vision to revolutionize property management in Africa led them on a journey that culminated in the creation of PorchPlus. However, a solid idea and a personal connection to the problem aren’t all that you need to build a viable company, you’ll also be required to build a formidable solution with a team that can scale from 10 customers to over thousands.

PorchPlus: How it All Started

The idea for PorchPlus originated when Olabode, one of the co-founders rented an apartment without ever meeting the landlord, a common occurrence in Lagos. In the second year when his rent payment was due, no one requested rent payments, and there was no communication whatsoever. Then, in the first quarter of the third year, new lawyers representing the landlord appeared, inquiring about rent payments. This revealed a lack of documentation for the rent agreement. He admitted to only owing rent for the third year, and no one asked about the second year’s rent. Despite the lack of demand from the landlord, he felt a moral obligation to settle their dues, ultimately sending the money for the second year after vacating the premises.

Among the tenants, there were various speculations about why this situation occurred. One theory suggested a disagreement between the previous lawyers and the management, leading to the cessation of their work. Although the co-founder ended up refunding the second year’s rent, many tenants might not have done the same.

PorchPlus aims to simplify property management for landlords by facilitating rent collection, providing financial visibility, and streamlining day-to-day operations. This will help Landlords make more informed decisions concerning your property. They also factored in the property managers in their vision, this means that their product is relevant for both the Landlord and whoever he might employ to manage the property in his stead.

The Challenges Faced

As PorchPlus embarked on implementing their platform in June 2023, they encountered significant obstacles in setting up their infrastructure on AWS. Lacking a dedicated DevOps engineer and relying on individuals with limited experience in DevOps, they struggled with manual deployments and faced difficulties in managing costs effectively. Being self-funded, they needed to be prudent with their expenses and couldn’t afford to hire a junior DevOps engineer, let alone a senior one. Despite their efforts, setting up their infrastructure became a protracted ordeal, hindering their progress.

PipeOps was a game-changer for PorchPlus. We went from weeks of manual AWS setup to a streamlined infrastructure in 30 minutes. Their scalability, support, and flexible pricing allowed us to focus on growth without worrying about DevOps or breaking the bank. As we revolutionize property management in Africa, PipeOps remains a key partner for our scalable and cost-effective foundation.

Olabode Ogunfuye
CEO, Porchplus

The Solution: PipeOps to the Rescue

PorchPlus’s encounter with PipeOps came through their participation in a startup event, where they crossed paths with Samuel, one of the co-founders of PipeOps. With PipeOps, setting up their infrastructure, which had been a week-long struggle, was accomplished in just 30 minutes. PipeOps provided PorchPlus with a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for a dedicated DevOps team. The platform’s ease of use and efficient support alleviated PorchPlus’s operational burdens, allowing them to focus on their core mission of redefining property management in Africa.

Benefits they have enjoyed by using PipeOps:

  • Scalability Over Time: PipeOps enabled PorchPlus to automate their deployment processes, eliminating the need for manual interventions and facilitating seamless scaling of their infrastructure as their platform grows.
  • Consistency of Support: PorchPlus praised PipeOps for its exceptional customer support, which ensured that any issues or queries were promptly addressed, enhancing their overall experience with the platform.
  • Flexibility in Pricing: PipeOps offered PorchPlus flexible pricing options, allowing them to tailor their usage according to their needs and budget constraints, further optimizing their cost efficiency.


PorchPlus’s journey with PipeOps exemplifies the transformative impact of streamlined cloud operations on startup ventures. By overcoming deployment challenges and achieving cost efficiency, PipeOps empowered PorchPlus to focus on its mission of revolutionizing property management in Africa. As PorchPlus continues to evolve, PipeOps remains a valuable ally, ensuring a reliable and scalable infrastructure that supports their growth and innovation endeavors. Through strategic partnerships like this, technology continues to drive positive change and innovation in the real estate sector.

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