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PipeOps Changelog – August 2023

We are excited to share the latest updates and improvements we’ve made to PipeOps throughout the month of July up until today. Our aim is to enhance your cloud infrastructure management experience, making it easier and more efficient to deploy your applications.


So what changed

New and Improved Documentation

We’ve dedicated significant efforts to enhance our documentation to ensure that it provides clear and comprehensive guidance to our users. Whether you’re a new or existing user, you’ll find it easier to navigate through PipeOps and discover the full range of functionalities. New guides have been added, and existing documentation has been refined to facilitate a smoother here. Untitled (42).png

Collaboration Features – Workspace, Teams & Members

Collaboration is vital in the world of DevOps, and in July, we introduced a powerful new feature that streamlines teamwork. Our Workspace, Teams, & Members functionality allows developers and teams to collaborate seamlessly within the PipeOps ecosystem. Working together on projects has never been easier, as this feature fosters effective communication and coordination. Learn more about our collaboration features hereUntitled (43).pngUntitled (44).png

Environments & Secrets Management

We understand the importance of managing deployed projects and cluster environments securely and efficiently. That’s why we introduced the Environments & Secrets management feature in August. Now, developers and teams can effortlessly handle their deployed projects while ensuring the utmost security for sensitive information. For more details, visit our Environments & Secrets page here. Untitled (45).png

Cluster & Project Observability

Simplifying DevOps processes is at the core of PipeOps’ mission, and with that in mind, we’ve introduced advanced observability features. These enhancements offer insights into your cluster and project activities, providing valuable information to optimize performance and troubleshoot any issues. Achieve greater control and understanding of your deployments with our Cluster & Project Observability features. Learn more here(Cluster & ProjectUntitled (47).pngUntitled (46).png

Security update

At PipeOps, we are committed to ensuring the highest level of security for all our users. As part of our continuous improvement, we’ve added an extra layer of protection to the login process. Now, users will need to use a verification code, in addition to their email and password, for a more secure login experience. Your peace of mind and data security remain our top priorities. Untitled (48).png

We’re dedicated to making PipeOps your go-to DevOps OS, providing a seamless experience for managing your cloud infrastructure and deploying applications. The August updates mark another significant step towards achieving that goal. As always, we value your feedback and welcome any suggestions to further improve your experience with PipeOps.

PS. If you like what we’re building we’d love to hear more about your thoughts. Join us on DiscordTwitterYouTube, and our Blog.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

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