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PipeOps Hackathon 1.0: Guidelines & FAQs You Need

The PipeOps Hackathon is live and anyone can stand a chance to win up to $10,000 in cash and prizes. During this hackathon, participants will get a chance to build projects in the healthcare, finance, education, project management, and travel/hospitality industry.

During the duration of this hackathon, you can refer to this article to get all the information about the hackathon

How to Register for the Hackathon

To successfully register for the PipeOps hackathon, you will be required to first create a free PipeOps account, deploy a test project on PipeOps and use the URL in your hackathon registration.

For the full registration guide, please check here

How to Win the Public Builder Award

We created this category, Public Builder Award to reward participants who actively engage in the hackathon’s activities and share updates on their projects and experiences throughout the event. Building in public is essential for harnessing the power of community and receiving feedback while developing a solution, and we want to drive this experience for our participants.

In plain terms, we want you to keep the public updated throughout the phases of developing your solution. Engage people on your idea, the problem you’re solving, and share progress updates as you build.

Criteria for the Public Builder Award:

  1. Active Engagement in Community Activities: Actively participate in community activities, such as office hours and tasks posted on the hackathon’s Slack community platform.
  2. Consistent Social Media Presence: Engage the public throughout the hackathon process by sharing progress and updates about your project and the hackathon.
  3. Contribution to Online Activities: Participate in hackathon tasks online and engage actively in online activities.
  4. Publicity Contribution: Help increase the reach of the hackathon by promoting it through various channels.


Winners stand a chance to win cash prizes, gift vouchers, and other rewards from our sponsors.

Registering & Managing Teammates for the Hackathon

Many hackathon participants have complained about not seeing their teammates on their PipeOps dashboard in the last few weeks. “My teammates are not reflecting on the PipeOps dashboard” is the popular phrase we get on our support channel. 

In this section, we’ll share more insight into how teams are supposed to work, how they are structured and all you need to know about teams on PipeOps.

Registering a team:

The team registration happens during the step 2 part of the registration process. In this step, a member of your team will have to create a team (if it hasn’t already been created). This is needed to ensure that when your teammates each register, they can select your created team from the list of the teams dropdown.

A few things to keep in mind

  • Only technical team members are to register at this time (i.e members that will be writing code) 
  • You will not see your team members on the PipeOps dashboard. You are to add your technical team members to your project repo as collaborators, this way they have access to the repo from their individual GitHub accounts connected to their PipeOps accounts. They will all deploy that project repo on their accounts. This way, when any commit is made to that repo, it will reflect on all accounts. This is how all team members of a team will register their participation.

How about your other teammates?

  • Yes, we understand that teams are not only technical people. For non-technical teammates, modes for registration will be communicated in a few days.

How can you adjust your teams?

We understand you might want to remove or add a member to your team or create a team after registering as an individual. No matter the case, please follow these steps

  • Ensure everyone who intends to participate in this hackathon completes their registration as soon as possible
  • Be on the lookout for more instructions via email or on our hackathon channel on Slack.

We are committed to making this a memorable experience for all participants, please do well to stay updated with all the latest news via our channels (Email, Slack, social media).

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